Unger Excavating Bulldozer

Our History

  • 1989

    Kevin Unger and his wife Maxine buy their first track loader. Having grown up on the farm, Kevin had a dream to work on the land. The purchase of the track loader is the first step to fulfilling that desire.

  • 1994

    Work is slow at home, so Kevin spends three months working for a regional earthmoving company in Alberta. He returns home armed with knowledge and the confidence to begin tackling larger earth moving projects.

  • 1995

    Unger Excavating undertakes the first of many lagoon projects, and doesn’t look back.

  • 1998

    In May of 1998, Unger Excavating Inc. is officially incorporated.

  • Present

    Many of the customers that gave Kevin his start over 25 years ago are still with us today. As their farms and businesses grew, Unger Excavating has grown and changed to accommodate the changing needs of the industry. Since incorporation we have strived to stay up to date with the latest methods and technology and increase our fleet of equipment to serve our customers with excellence. We continue to work hard to live up to our customers’ needs and expectations.

Unger Excavating History

What People Are Saying About Us


During the last 17 years I have worked on numerous lagoon projects with Unger Excavating. From day one they have delivered timely service, professional grade quality with a workmanlike attitude. This is how a strong business is built and how customer relationships are formed. Unger Excavating achieves this at the highest standard and it is always a pleasure to work with them.

Derek Graham, Senior Superintendent

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